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Montana RNs & LPNs

The Montana RN/LPN Bundle has 7 courses totaling 24 ANCC hours. It fully meets Montana's RN/LPN renewal requirements.



Nebraska RNs & LPNs

The Nebraska RN/LPN Bundle has 6 courses totaling 20 ANCC hours. It fully meets Nebraska's RN/LPN renewal requirements.



Nevada RNs & LPNs

The Nevada RN/LPN Bundle has 8 courses totaling 30 ANCC hours, including the mandatory Bioterrorism CE. It fully meets Nevada's RN/LPN renewal requirements.



New Hampshire RNs & LPNs

The New Hampshire RN/LPN Bundle has 8 courses totaling 30.5 ANCC hours. It fully meets New Hampshire's RN/LPN renewal requirements.



New Jersey APRNs

The New Jersey APRN Bundle has 11 courses totaling 31.5 ANCC hours.



New Jersey RN/LPN

The New Jersey RN/LPN Bundle has 9 courses totaling 31 ANCC hours, including Organ Tissue Transplant and Opioid courses.



New Mexico RNs & LPNs

The New Mexico RN/LPN Bundle has 7 courses totaling 31 ANCC contact hours.



New York APRNs and Prescriptive Nurses

21 ANCC Hours. Includes three (3) hours of coursework or training in pain management, palliative care, and addiction.



New York Nurses - Two Courses for Licensure Requirements

Earn your required state specific CEs with our NYS-approved Infection Control and Child Maltreatment courses. Please contact [email protected] once you have...



North Carolina APRNs

The North Carolina APRN Bundle has 15 courses totaling 50 ANCC hours.