Arkansas APRNs

The Arkansas APRN Bundle has 9 courses totaling 33 ANCC hours.

Courses inside this bundle:
  1. Safe and Effective Prescription of Controlled Substances Nursing CE Course
  2. Managing tolerance, dependence, addiction, and patient expectations

  3. Acute Myocardial Infarction Nursing CE Course
  4. Pathophysiology, treatment, and management of AMI patients

  5. Stroke Prevention, Thrombolytic Therapy, and Rehab Nursing CE Course
  6. Pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke

  7. Mental Health Pharmacology for LPN and RNs Nursing CE Course
  8. Pathophysiology, adverse effects, research, and pharmacological treatment

  9. Cardiovascular Health and Prescribing for the Diabetic Patient Nursing CE Course
  10. Evidence-based prescribing recommendations for diabetic patients with CVD

  11. Infection Control Nursing CE Course
  12. CDC and NY-specific guidelines for infection control

  13. Medical Errors Nursing CE Course
  14. Prevention and root cause analysis of medical errors

  15. Mental Health for Veterans Nursing CE Course
  16. Military culture competence and aspects of supporting veterans' mental health

  17. HIPAA Compliance Nursing CE Course
  18. Guidelines and rules for PHI